Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy birthday, Lucas!

This past Sunday (Feb. 26), my sweet boy turned 6 years old. I really, truly can't believe it has been that long. We love you so much, Lucas!

His friend, Rowan, got a blue mustache while eating her cake, so he needed one, too.

And, I leave you with a little funny that I posted on FB the day before the big day:

I goofed! Tomorrow (today...dang it, I'm up late again!) my baby boy is turning 6 years old. After he was in bed, I went to get some balloons so that when he wakes, the house is decorated. The woman helping me was going through the drawer of balloons trying to find the Spider man one I asked for. It wasn't there. She thumbed through them asking if I saw a different one I liked. Yes....that one. It said happy birthday, it was blue (his favorite color), it had candles on a cake (since camping in Yellowstone he is obsessed with fire), and it even had 6 candles. Perfect!!! I got home and I sat them on the table. I look up to admire them. CRAP!! The balloon says "Happy Birthday Dad!". Ooooops! Baby boy can't read anyway, but I took out some paper, wrote Lucas on it, and taped it over dad. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Lucas; You really had a nice birthday cake and party. Hope you enjoyed it. It's hard to realize you are six years old. My how time flies. Love PaBob