Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast....

On the 22nd, Logan and I joined Lucas at school for their Thanksgiving Feast! When we got there, the kids were all in a circle playing "pass the turkey". When the music stopped playing, if you were holding the turkey, you were supposed to stand up and say, "I'm a turkey. Gobble, gobble!". To watch Lucas participate without prompting was so much fun. Him sitting quietly and participating without a teacher right beside him (there were 2 kids between him and the teacher) is HUGE progress for him. In the past, I've watched as they've physically made him do the motions to a song to get him to participate. Now, I won't say that he doesn't have his moments still, he most certainly does....but he is really making huge progress and I'm proud of him. His screaming is far less than it once was, too. Here are a few pictures of our day!

Playing pin the feathers on the turkey.

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Tammy said...

YAY for progress! So happy to hear this good news. :) and ♥