Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another project completed!

Having company is truly a great motivator for getting projects done. I know that I absolutely don't have to get things done for my friends and family to come visit, but sometimes that is just the kick I need to get things done. :-) So, my friend and her family motivated us and now my inlaws are coming in a couple of weeks. Truth be told, we decided that we were tired of having things half done and want to keep going and finish things up.....including unpacking the few boxes left in our closet from when we moved in almost 4 years ago!! Obviously we must not need what is in those boxes!! Although, I did just get some tent poles out of one for a tent the boys have been wanting to play in. :-)

Anyway, back to the project. Today I scraped up the remainder of the old sticky tiles in our house (the pantry) and my husband got the new ones installed. There were two layers of tiles hidden under a piece of carpet in the pantry.

Here is a before shot (this was an old picture that I found because I didn't technically take a before shot today, so I don't have a great shot of the floor)...

and here it is now!
Also, I finally got the drawers painted and I've been promising my dad I'd take pictures!
Before (if you look closely near the pantry door, you can see where we had stopped the installation of the new flooring)...

Oh, and here is a picture of the light in the pantry. Before doing work in the kitchen, we had to walk in and pull a string to turn the light on (you can see it in the first picture above). My dad helped us get a switch outside the pantry to operate the light . What a brilliant concept, right?? :-)
Slowly we are getting things done around here and every little bit that we accomplish feels good....especially when I can look at it and know we did it ourselves!! :-)


Tammy said...

Oh Candi, this is fabulous. I am so impressed with all you have been able to's really an inspiration.

Also, I love seeing your pantry and the food in it, lol. I LOVE to cook and spend time in the kitchen, so pantries fascinate me. :)

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have done an excellent job finishing your kitchen. It looks absolutely outstanding. Congratulations PaBob