Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pantry inventory.....

I said I wasn't going to do it, but I couldn't take the mess anymore. I figured that once I had it clean and organized, it wouldn't take much more to inventory the contents, so I just went for it. As you will see below, we seem to have a thing for condiments. :-) I'm going to try to update this as I use things, too.

Prepare to be bored (When I buy new things, I will add them in red to make it easier to see what was part of the original inventory.).....

3 boxes thin spaghetti
2 boxes elbow macaroni
1 box Farfalle
1 box rotini
1 box med. shells
1 box mostaccioli
1 box mac and cheese
5 ½ bags (1 lb. each) brown rice
1 bag white rice
10 pounds Jasmine rice

meal kits:
1 box Hamburger helper (got this free in the mail somehow)
2 boxes Macaroni Grill kits (garlic herb and chicken penne)
1 box Cajun style rice and beans

Misc. side dish items:
1 box chicken flavored rice
2 boxes potato pancake mix

1 jar Trader Joe's curry sauce
1 jar Trader Joe's Masala sauce
1 jar gourmet antipasto sauce
3 jars pasta sauce (Arrabbiata, Artichoke pesto, and Tomato Alfredo)
1 can four cheese pasta sauce

canned goods:
1 large can Hatch green chilies
4 2 small cans diced green chilies
4 3 cans chili beans
12 11 10 cans green beans
1 can coconut milk
9 8 cans 4 oz. sliced mushrooms
7 6 cans Rotel
3 cans tomato paste
10 98 cans diced tomatoes
1 3 can cream of mushroom soup (I bought more)
3 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans Golden mushroom soup
1 can French onion soup
10 9 cans tomato soup
3 2 cans sliced carrots
5 cans black beans
4 cans garbanzo beans
1 can black beans and rice
4 cans black eyed peas
1 can field peas with snaps
1 can hoppin' John
3 cans cranberry sauce
2 cans pumpkin

dried beans:
1 bag pinto beans
1 bag lentils
½ bag red lentils
2 bags 15 bean soup mix
3 pounds black beans
1 bag red calypso beans

Grains, etc.. :
32 oz. bag Pungo Creek Mills Indian corn meal
½ bag Harvest grains blend
1 box Israeli couscous
4 pounds of Quinoa
1 box steel cut oats
1 container old fashioned oats
1 bag organic barley

Condiments, Marinades, salsas, and dressings:
2 1 jar pepper relish
1 bottle Mexican chili and lime marinade
1 bottle bbq sauce
1 bottle Tuscan style basil herb dressing
1 spray bottle Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
1 bottle honey teriyaki marinade
1 bottle buffalo wing marinade
1 bottle mango curry marinade
1 bottle peppercorn steak marinade
1 bottle Caribbean jerk marinade
1 jar salsa verde
1 can salsa verde
1 jar olive medley bread spread
3 jars Herdez salsa (hot, medium, and chipotle)
1 bottle Louisiana Gold hot sauce
2 bottles brisket marinade
2 bottles fajita marinade
2 bottles spicy brown mustard
1 bottle dijon mustard
1 bottle yellow mustard
1 bottle mayo
2 jars Trader Joe's vegan mayo (my husband got these to try)
3 bottles ketchup

Peanut butter, jams, syrup, etc.. :
4 3 half pint jars homemade apricot jam
2 pint jars homemade apricot jam
2 bottles Agave nectar
1 jar 26 oz. almond butter
1 jar natural peanut butter
1 jar strawberry fruit spread
1 jar organic peanut butter
pancake syrup
1 jar simply fruit (blueberry)

Misc. soups and lunch items:
2 containers noodle soup
2 boxes pad Thai
1 package microwaveable rice
1 container New Orlean's style chicken and rice
2 cans curry beans
1 container microwaveable chicken noodle soup
3 cans minestrone soup
1 can lentil soup
3 cans chicken soup (2 Spongebob ones and one Cars one)

1 giant bag French fried onions (from Costco)
4 3 boxes taco shells
2 boxes Ritz crackers

The above is what I figure I will mainly use to make meals. Here is the remainder of the pantry. These lists are not complete, but a general idea of what else is in my pantry.

Baking goods and nuts:
pine nuts
pumpkin seeds
dry milk
sugars (organic, Splenda, brown, powdered, and sucanat)
chips (chocolate, cinnamon, white, mint, toffee bits, etc..)
2 boxes brownie mix
3 boxes jiffy cake mix
1 container frosting
50 pounds wheat berries

Nestle flavored water
Sobe life water
Lipton 20 oz. bottles half and half (tea/lemonade)
Arizona gallon half and half (tea/lemonade)

organic fruit rolls
animal crackers
crackers (wheat thins, gold fish, cheezits, saltine, graham)
gummy fruit snacks
trail mix
dried fruit

cereal/granola bars:
3 bags granola
2 boxes frosted mini wheats
3 boxes cinnamon toast crunch
1 box apple jacks
1 box corn pops
1 box fruity cheerios
1 box chocolate cheerios
granola bars (blueberry, strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate chip, Fiber one, Kashi)


Tammy said...

Holy moly, lol!

I'm glad you listed what you have in your pantry, though, because I didn't really want to give meal suggestion ideas based on just what was in your freezer. I was thinking that if you are trying to save some money while using what you have, I don't want to suggest something that you'll have to run to the store to pick up a couple of ingredients to make.

I'll have to look through your lists over the next couple of days and then post another comment or two! :)

Candi said...

Thanks, Tammy. I'd love to have some recipes from you. :-)

Oh, and just so you know, I bought 4 of the small cans of diced green chilies tonight. I needed one for the chimichangas (I haven't made those yet) and figured I would buy a few extra because we love green chilies. :-)

I am trying to plan based on what I have, but usually have to buy a few things each week. For instance, the green chilies, salad, and sour cream are what I needed this week. Of course I picked up a few other things, but those are the things I needed for the meals I planned.

Oh, I also have lots of eggs and milk in the fridge!

Christi said...

I want to come live at your house! I was reading your list thinking of all the things I would make! :-)

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