Monday, September 27, 2010

Adding to the invenotry.....

Super excited about my Safeway trip today! And, in case you are asking yourself, "Gee. Didn't she post an inventory of her pantry and freezer to use up what she has instead of buying more?". Well, the answer is yes and no. I seriously can't pass up a good deal. As long as I know we'll use it and we have the money to buy it, I go ahead. Now, if there are no more good deals for a while, I'll steer clear of the store.....LOL! The Pillsbury stuff was actually better than free and the OreIda stuff was 49 cents each. The Triscuit and Wheat thins I had coupons to try them for free by signing up at Kraft First Taste. They periodically send you coupons for free products. The fish after coupons was $2.99. I guess that isn't super cheap considering it is only 2 filets, but it makes for a super fast, healthy, relatively inexpensive meal.

My purchase:

Safeway mayo (no coupon used) = $1.99
2 containers Velveeta easy Mac (no coupon used) = $2.50
1 box Triscuit thins = $3
1 box Wheat thin stix = $3
2 packs Ore Ida steam and mash = $6
2 packs Pillsbury Grand biscuits (the small packs) = $2
2 packs Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (the small packs) = $2
2 packs Pillsbury crescent rolls (the small packs) = $2
3 pound beef brisket = $11.73
1 pack Waterfront bistro Tilapia = $6.99

Total before coupons and tax = $41.21

-$0.30 e coupon for biscuits
-$0.30 e coupon for biscuits
-$0.50 e coupon for crescent rolls
-$0.50 e coupon for crescent rolls
-$0.40 e coupon for cinnamon rolls (not sure why only one came off)
-$2.00 e coupon for Rancher's Reserve meat
-$2.00 paper coupon for Rancher's Reserve meat
-$2.00 e coupon for fish
-$2.00 paper coupon for fish
-$3.00 (two) paper coupons for OreIda steam and mash
-$1.00 off 2 paper coupon for biscuits
-$1.00 off 2 paper coupon for crescent rolls
-$1.00 off 2 paper coupon for cinnamon rolls
-$3.59 on Tricuits (made 59 cents here)
-$3.59 on Wheat things (made 59 cents again)
-$1.01 store coupon for OreIda
-$1.01 store coupon for OreIda

Total with tax after coupons = $16.79

I saved $13.70 with club card savings, $17.18 with coupons, for a total of $34.92 saved. That's a savings of 69%!!

I also got the $3 catalina for next shopping trip for the Pillsbury purchase. I applied that catalina in my next transaction for 2 pieces of cake for dessert, making them $2.10!

My dad brought me some marinade for brisket when he came to help with the kitchen and I've really been wanting to try them. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying meat, but I'm super excited with my deal on it today!! Yay!

I pretty much get all my coupon matching info from The Krazy Coupon Lady. Seriously, you need to check her out!!

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Tammy said...

I am always so blown away with the money you save on your shopping trips! I'd use coupons if I could ever find them for items I use. I don't take the newspaper, so coupons are hard for me to find I guess.

Way to go on the shopping!!!