Friday, July 2, 2010


Yesterday morning, Logan came up to my room to show me something. He had put these beads on each of his fingers.

I asked him if he remembered to hold the rail when he came up to show me what he had done. Of course I knew there was no way that he could hold the rail with them on his fingers.

Later that day, he showed Lucas his new trick. Lucas was amazed and had to try it himself. The problem with that is Lucas' fingers are much smaller. The beads slid all the way onto his fingers and then didn't want to come off. I really had to pull to get one of them off. I told Lucas not to put them on again because I really didn't want to have to take him to the hospital to have it cut off. Both boys' eyes got big. Little Lucas looked at me and said, "You take me to hospital to get my finger cut off?!?!?". I could tell that Logan was thinking the same thing. I explained that I didn't mean they'd cut his finger off, that they would cut the toy off of his finger.

That night I caught a glimpse of one of the beads as my husband and I were headed up to bed. It reminded me to tell him about what happened earlier in the day. He got a laugh out of it, but told me I need to stop scaring the babies. :-) Honest, I didn't mean to!