Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Train

Last weekend, we took the boys on a train ride with Santa. They really enjoyed it!Lucas especially liked the candy cane that they handed out!After the train we did some shopping, had lunch, and then that evening we went to see a friend's daughter in a play. It was certainly a fun-filled Saturday!


Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! We have a Santa Train up here, too, but we missed out this year...hopefully next year I'll get to buying tickets in time!

You had mentioned on MckMama's community that you had a bunch of recipes you could e-mail out...could I get those :)

amanda (d.t) langan (at) gmail (d.t) com

GapGirl said...

what a precious background

Darrel Carson said...

What awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them with those of us who live so far away.

Quirky Momma said...

The Santa train looks like a ton of fun! My little fella would LOVE that!

You said you have a ton of freezer-food recipes? I am expecting #4 and would be thrilled if you'd email them to me! You'll help our family out a ton!