Saturday, August 18, 2007

Caterpillars and Chrysalises and Butterflies...OH MY!!

My mother in law purchased a butterfly habitat for Logan a while back and it took me forever to send the postcard off to get our caterpillars. Finally I did, and the fun began. Five caterpillars arrived in a little container with food. At first we thought two of them had died, but after a few days they were getting bigger. One of the little ones was the last to form a chrysalis and ended up knocking two of the others down. The first butterfly to emerge was one of the fallen ones and it came out deformed and didn't make it. All of the other ones did, though. We kept them for a few days and Logan loved watching them. I did, too!! Oh....and our cat Molly loves insects, so she enjoyed them, too. We had to hang them and make sure there was nothing near them that she could jump off of to get them. We found the habitat knocked over a few times and at first we thought Logan had done it. was Molly.

I took a few pictures of them before we released them. I balled up some tissue and put sugar water on it for them to eat. That is what they are eating in the pic. Also, I don't like bugs, spiders....mostly anything that flies or crawls and it seems that has rubbed off on Logan. You can tell by the pics that he wasn't to sure about it. Anyway, I thought it was too funny not to share!!

If you click on this one, you can actually see that they are eating.

If you look closely, you can see that I caught the first one on film as it flew away! They were fast!!

I thought this was a neat picture! (Click on it to enlarge it to see what I mean)

Yep...Logan is not your typical little boy that loves bugs. He keeps asking for a bug vacuum at Target and I keep telling him that he can't have it because he doesn't like bugs. That last picture confirms it!!

Edited to add....I guess I should clarify that my husband doesn't have a problem with the butterflies. Mostly he is making faces because Logan was totally flipping out and had already knocked one butterfly out of his hand. He said he was trying to keep the butterflies safe and it was no easy task!!


Tammy said...

Very fun! I can't wait til some of ours start forming chrysalises. I'm a little bit worried about them because we've only had them a few days and they are moving around really slowly. Surely they aren't starting to change already? I hope that's it and they aren't dying.....

Anyhow, it will be fun to see what happens.

How long did it take from the time you guys got yours til they became butterflies?

Candi said...

Hmmm....I don't remember real well. I was thinking one week, maybe 1.5, but hubby says 2. They were staggered by several days, too.

We kept them for a few days and then released them.