Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meals...Using What We Have

I'm just going to list some meals not sure what order we'll have stuff in yet. This is using the stuff in our freezer and I will still add in some things that we just really enjoy (like the kale salad). This is using up pretty much everything in the freezer except for the 16 pounds of boneless/skinless chicken breasts....I'm only using those in three meals in this plan. There may be a few things left that there is enough for more than one meal, but I figured I'd make all this and then take inventory and start again. It will be pretty empty after this, though!

I'll just keep this list for us to choose our meals from and add to for the week if there is something we're really wanting. I just wanted to plan out what we have to use it all up.
 --steak gorgonzola frozen meal, dinner rolls
--kale salad
--French bread pizza (Italian sausage from freezer, sweet peppers, onion, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese
--spaghetti (from leftover sausage and sauce from pizza), green beans, carrots
--breakfast burritos
--fish sticks, pasta roni, green beans
--chicken noodle casserole, steamed broccoli
--sweet and spicy wings, fire roasted veggies, potato wedges, onion rings, seasoned fries (using up the little bits of stuff that isn't enough for one meal alone....LOL!)
--butternut squash pasta
--baked chicken (using a Kraft kit in the fridge), black eyed peas, carrots
--chicken fried tuna steak with jalapeno cream gravy, rice medley (frozen side dish from Trader Joes), fire roasted veggies, broccoli
--smokey bbq chicken, beans (using ham hock in freezer), corn bread, corn on the cob
--pasta with meatballs, salad
--chicken caesar salad
--turkey/dressing casserole (using turkey, corn bread cubes and bread cubes in freezer-->making homemade dressing and omitting cranberry sauce), green beans--->the turkey was bad, so we didn't have this meal
--stroganoff pasta with meatless meatballs
--lemon chicken, pasta roni, steamed veggies
--fajitas (using steaks in freezer)
--stir fry (meatless chicken tenders, sugar snap peas, stir fry veggies), brown rice, wontons
--buffalo chicken meatballs, mac and cheese, broccoli
--patty melts (using h.b. patties in freezer), chips, fruit
--tilapia parmesan, sauteed veggies

ETA:  Looking back at my blog, I noticed that sometimes I would give a review of a new recipe that I tried (usually it was on Menu Plan Monday).  I really liked that looking back, I had an idea of if we cared for the meal.  :)  So, I decided to try to update when we try a new recipe!  

The chicken noodle casserole was very good!  We made it with Reames frozen egg noodles.  They didn't taste very good plain, but were really good in the casserole.

The buffalo meatballs were good!  I put celery in them as well as the onion and skipped out on serving them with any dressing, just the buffalo sauce.  I put a little of the hot sauce into the meatball mix, too, and put them under the broiler to brown them up a bit.


Tammy said...

Everything sounds delish! Will you share your butternut squash pasta recipe pretty please??? :)

Candi said...

Thanks, Tammy. We're trying the buffalo chicken meatballs tonight! :-) Here is the recipe. This time I'm using a roll of sausage that I'll just scramble up because that is what we have in the freezer.