Friday, July 13, 2012

A Day at the Park

Before the heat wave hit us, we had a rather mild day of highs in the low 80s.  We decided to take advantage of it and went to a local park to play and ride the carousel and train!!

This little guy was watching everyone get on the train.

My crew!

Daddy's lap is more comfortable!

These geese were crossing and the train had to stop for them!

Look, Daddy, there's the tunnel!

The kids scream in the tunnel.  Lucas isn't too sure about that!

Logan finds it annoying!

Daddy isn't too sure of the screaming, either.

Obligatory picture by the engine!

Waiting for the carousel to start and spied Daddy taking a picture.

Here we go!

Hi, Daddy!

Logan enjoying the carousel, too!

My boy pointing out Daddy.  

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Anonymous said...

Such good memories for the boys!!!

Make more every chance you get!!!Love PaBob