Friday, November 12, 2010

Tonight, I'm sleeping in the "closet"...

Tonight the boys were put to bed a bit early and I went to get dinner at Wegmans from their $6 meal options for myself and my husband. We had just finished our meal and I was refilling my drink when something in me decided to look up the stairs. We have a cabinet at the top that we keep extra blankets and towels in, essentially our linen closet. Well, I noticed the door was open on the cabinet so I turned the light on to get a better look. The following is what I found.....

Hmmm. I don't recall having a camouflaged blanket with planes on it.

Wait....could that be a boy sticking out of the cabinet??

By golly it is a boy! And when we tried to wake him, he just found another "comfortable" (??) position. :-)

Also note, upon looking at these pictures on my laptop instead of the little screen on the camera, I discovered that Lucas not only likes to use the cabinet for sleeping purposes, but also to store empty paper towel rolls!


owllyvera said...

how cute!

Tammy said... cute! Kids can sleep anywhere, right?

Christi said...

What a sweetie! And, we have those same pajamas!

TheAngelForever said...

Adorable photos of your little guy. BTW - Those blankets are gorgeous. The crafter in me noticed them. Did you make them?

Candi said...

Thanks, all!

Tammy, they certainly can. He still sleeps folded in half and it drives me nuts. To me it looks as thought it CAN'T be comfortable, but if I go in to check on him and unfold him, he folds himself right back up.

The blankets were actually made by my husband's grandmother. Not long after we married she gave us the more brightly colored one. Then with each of our boys she gave us another to have for them. I also have a few other smaller blankets that she made for them. She passed away last year, so they are very special to us! :-)

I wish I was crafty, but I'm really not. I actually did learn how to crochet, but have forgotten. I'm sure I could pick it back up. Somewhere I have a blanket that I started that is maybe 2 feet by 2 feet. LOL!