Monday, September 5, 2011


When Lucas is upset, he bites his fingers and yells. His poor, poor fingers are so calloused. They are actually starting to look better because we've been working really hard to stop him as soon as we see them in his mouth and encouraging him to use his words when something upsets him.

This morning he and Logan were down stairs in the living room and I was upstairs. Logan was supposed to put Epic Mickey on for them to play. Well, Lucas came upstairs and said, "Momma, why'd Logan not put Epic Mickey on?". I asked him what game was on and he didn't know the name, but he knew enough to tell me about a character on it so I would know which game Logan was playing. I called Logan up and asked him what game he had in. His eyes got big and he said, "The one that Daddy was playing". I told him that he better start doing what I tell him to because his brother can use his words now and tell me if they aren't playing the game they are supposed to be. Lucas let out this little laugh, "Ha ha!". Oh, my sweet boy, how I laughed! Yes, at 5.5 years old Lucas has finally figured out how to tattle on his brother and as strange as it may seem, I am one proud momma!


Tammy said...

Oh this is great, Candi! And I love the photo that goes along with the post. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful Lucas !!!!!, that you are learning to use your words. PaBob is proud of you, but be careful about tattling because Logan can be your best friend. LOVE PaBob