Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been intending to sign Logan up for soccer for a while now. He played t-ball one season and did NOT like it. According to him, there was too much standing around. Since then, I've been trying to get him into soccer, but I always thought about it too late and sign ups were over. This year, I managed to remember in time! In looking at the league, I discovered that they also have a team for special needs kids. So, I was able to sign both boys up. Score!

Yesterday, Logan's team had a make up game and it seems that a few of the kids forgot. At the start of the game, we only had 6 boys, so all of them had to play. Another boy showed up and so we could sub one player out at a time. Logan played the entire first half and was sooo tired at half time. The whole team was, really. Poor boys! The other team was subbing out pretty much their entire team at a time! Our boys were exhausted. They lost, but they really played a great game yesterday! Here are a few pictures of the season so far:

This picture of Lucas totally cracks me up. Part of the goal is making him look like he has ponytails! His team does scrimmage each other, but they don't really have games. It is taking him a little while to warm up, but he does love getting out there and kicking the balls! The fields were too wet on Saturday for them to meet, but last Saturday they did. They had "buddies" (teenagers) there to help the kids. Lucas warmed up to his buddies and then had to make his rounds kicking the ball to all the buddies and all the parents on the sidelines!

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of both of you for playing and enjoying your soccer games!!! Keep up the good work and enjoy it. Love PaBob