Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some funnies....

There have been a few things lately that Lucas has said that I knew I had to remember to add to the blog. Tonight Logan said something that had us laughing, too! :-)

A few weeks ago, we bought Lucas a sock monkey on clearance for $5. Truth be told, I think I wanted it more than he did. Anyway, he keeps asking if we have a "shoe monkey", too!

This one is something that he has been saying for a while and I keep forgetting to share. He LOVES Mr. Potato Head. Honestly, I wasn't sure how he would do with them, because he STILL puts things in his mouth. However, they have them at school and he was doing well with them there, so he got one from the Easter bunny this past Easter. I'm sure you all know that Mr. Potato Head has a little compartment to store all the pieces in. Well, Lucas loves to take things apart, so he is constantly taking the door to that compartment off. Then he can't find it and he wanders around saying, "Where did the butt door go?".

Speaking of butts.....tonight, we were all laying in my bed snuggling and I told Logan to stop picking at his butt (the boy has some sensory issues and can't stand things to be bunched up). Anyway, his response was, "Well, it is that season you know!". I said, "There's a season for butt picking? I knew there was a strawberry picking season, but I didn't know about the butt picking one." He said that indeed there is one and today was it. Oh my!